What is Vcaddy?

Every golfer who visits a course wants to play well, expects good overall customer service, and is looking to better their game. What does your course offer these players that is unique? What will drive players towards your course? What would allow your course to easily interact with golfers nationwide, gain exposure, increase overall sales, and offer players an invaluable resource? The answer is Vcaddy.

Lake Windsor Country Club

Introducing the newest addition to Vcaddy, Lake Windsor Country Club.

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 Pro Video Tips

Vcaddy provides golfers short, in-depth videos on how to best play each hole of your course. Players can view each video using any handheld device and scanning the Vcaddy QR code provided at each tee-box.


Through the Vcaddy administrator portal, your course can interact with its players, review player ratings and feedback, track user analytics, and offer promotions on tee-times, equipment, lessons, food and beverage.

 Search Results

Your course information and videos will be displayed on Vcaddy location-based searches, most popular way for golfers visiting an unfamiliar area to find a course.

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With Vcaddy, every course and every player can view the game differently!